Well, another outdoor season comes to an end, at least the covid restrictions around the field have been lifted, I hope everyone had a good shooting season and I will see you indoors, I hope. Again, I ask those clubs that are lucky enough to have an indoor venue who have space to offer it to visitors. We must help each other.

AGB are proposing to change the junior age groupings to bring them in line with World Archers so keep an eye as they may be introduced for next outdoor season which will probably cause a little confusion at the beginning. AGB have also changed the names of the Imperial rounds as it appears there was some embarrassment incurred when shooting the shorter rounds This is referred to as rule 308 (a). Tournament organisers need to take note. You can find this info quickly in the Autumn 2021 Archery UK magazine page 81. There have also been changes to rule 306(j), this is pertinent to archers as it refers to scoring pass through arrows outdoors.

The Winter online Frostbite challenge is up and running again this winter, thanks to Lizzie of Beeston Rylands. As you should know it is a monthly personal challenge run online with monthly winners who receive a certificate. The entry form is on the county website and FB page and is completely free to enter.

The Intermediate winter training is underway at Joseph Whitaker school run by Mario (CCO), good shooting and listen to your coaches. Hopefully I can pop in and see how it’s going.

Next year it is Nottinghams turn to host the junior intercounty championship (Sydney Bond). So, the committee are looking for tenders to host this UK record status shoot. Our juniors did a great job this year and won again but it was close I understand.

For those that did see me on my first year as a candidate judge, I hope you were not disappointed with my decisions. You will see me in the green jacket again at the Notts indoor champs and the Sherwood archers Portsmouth.

Finally, my club Greasley Castle Archers has had an influx of archers. It appears that standing on a field shooting is a very safe covid sport. I hope all the county clubs are having the same interest?

Don’t forget you can contact me at

Bernie Dicks

County Chairman


All Change Please!!!

After 13 years and many a sleepless night, Bryan Haynes is standing down as Webmaster for EMAS and Notts Archery.

Bryan has done a sterling job getting the websites from nothing to what they are today and he can be justifiably  proud of what he has achieved.

Bryan is handing the reins for both websites over to Malcolm Douglas-Kellie from Sherwood Archers, and the emails will now go to him rather than Bryan.  Hopefully you will be as helpful to Malcolm as you have been to Bryan.

The same rules apply for those wanting items on the sites, you need to send them to Malcolm, he will NOT go hunting for your information to put it on there.  The email addresses for requesting things to go onto the sites are

EMAS Archery – 

Notts Archery –

Notts Junior Winter Training 2021-2022 by Charlotte Attwood

On behalf of Notts Archery Society I would like to invite all recurve, barebow, longbow and compound juniors within the county who want to improve their shooting ready for next year’s tournament season and County Junior Team to join me for coaching on the Junior Winter Training.  Younger juniors from the age of 9 are welcome to join. Continue reading

Winter Indoor Coaching (Fully Booked)

It is planned to run Winter coaching sessions this autumn/winter at Joseph Whitaker Sports College, Warsop Lane, Rainworth.  The sessions will be 7th November,12th December, 9th January 2022, 13th February 2022 and 13th March 2022, these are all Sunday’s, and they will run from 1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.  Nottinghamshire Archery Society have agreed to subsidise the cost of running these sessions, however, we are asking for a payment of £50.00 per person upfront to be set against the cost of all 5 sessions.  If all 5 sessions are attended, then the £50.00 will be refunded. Continue reading


Report by Charlotte Attwood, Junior Team Manager

Held at LAOFAC Countesthorpe, Leicestershire.


The rounds this year were Nationals.

Due to an inconsistent decision our U12 girls had to shoot their longest distance 30/20yds whereas all other age groups shot their shortest distances!

Our young girls did us all proud. Jazz Haoot at 8 years old shot a blinder 534 sealing 5th place, Holly Brown 11yrs 515 and Lucy Price 10yrs 412. Well done girls.

It was a very close shoot with Derbyshire breathing down our necks, at 4 dozen there was just 20pts between us, we finished up just 15 in front!

3 teams had 5 or more archers.

Top 5 scores are taken for the final team score.

Notts                     2834

Derbyshire            2819

Northants              2652

Congratulations to all of our team members they really gave it their all. Congratulations also to Laura Eyres highest Notts scorer with 592.

All scores:

Laura Eyres                        592         Beeston Rylands

Anna Blythe                        574         Wilford Bowmen

Will Oakes                          572         Wilford Bowmen

Eleanor Rochelle                562         Wilford Bowmen

Jazz Haoot                         534         Wilford Bowmen

Holly Brown                        515         Wilford Bowmen

Abz Alvi                               466         Burton Joyce

Lucy Rice                            412         Newark Castle Archers


Many Thanks also to our support team of Chris Rochelle, Jav Blythe and Lizzie Eyres.

Many thanks also to Custom Built Archery for their continued support.