County Team Selected for Nottinghamshire v Lincolnshire Match

Congratulations to the following county archers who have been selected to shoot in the Nottinghamshire v Lincolnshire challenge match taking part on Sun 15th July at the Welbeck WA1440.

Recurve Gents 1 Robert Gray
Gents 2 Chris Joyce
Gents 3 Steve Attwood
Gents 4 Andy Barker
Ladies 1 Shani Coward
Ladies 2 Liz Eyres
Ladies 3 Emma Thomason
Ladies 4 Amy Nairn
Compound Gents 1 Bernie Dicks
Gents 2 Nigel Lane
Gents 3 Richard Haydock
Gents 4 George Tohovitis
Compound Ladies 1 Helen Neumann
Ladies 2 Sue Haynes
Ladies 3 Kelly Lane
Longbow Gents 1 Martin Jones
Gents 2 Liam Orton
Longbow Ladies 1 Carrie Mortimore
Ladies 2 Adrianne Goodwin
Barebow Gents 1 Damian Jameson
Barebow Ladies 1 Octavia Quinn



Team sponsored by Custom Built Archery

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