County Team Update

During 2018, the Senior County Target Team will have 4 events, some will be from the current team, some from the New team that is selected in JulylAugust time.

The shoots that are planned are

6th May       EMAS Intercounties WA720       WA720     hosted by Lincoln Archers
15th July     Nottinghamshire v Lincolnshire   WA1440  hosted by Welbeck Archers
5th August  Nottinghamshire v Leicestershire  York/ Hereford hosted by Ivanhoe Archers
September  EMAS Intercounties York./Hereford The Thoresby Trophy.

the team has been selected and submitted for the WA720 at Lincoln, the teams for the other 3 shoots will be selected in due course.

Selection criteria for the new 2018 team was posted in December, it has changed from previous years so if you want to be come part of the team, read, shoot, score well and get selected.

More details on the selection critera for the 2018-2019 team click here

For more details on the 2017-2018 team rankings click here

We would like to thank Tony Drabble of Custom Built Archery for sponsoring the team once again this year

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