Coaching Seminar

To all coaches:

I have arranged a series of 3 evening sessions for Nottinghamshire coaches wanting to improve or update their own observation and analysis skills Continue reading

British Transplant Games 2017 North Lanarkshire

The British Transplant Games are taking place at the back end of July in Whishaw in North Lanarkshire.
The Archery event is taking place on 27th July.  If any coaches would like to help on the day, please contact Kath Fitzpartick.

I went last year to the games at Liverpool, along with Mike & Sharon Sanchez We all had good rewarding day coaching the games participants, all of whom have had a transplant of one type or another.

Myself and Mike Thomason are both going, so why not come along and help out.

Custom Built Archery are kindly sponsoring the event by providing target faces for the day. Continue reading

Golden Arrow – 10th June

any one going to the Golden Arrow at Sherwood Archers on Saturday 10th June should note that the town centre of Southwell will be closed from 10-30 to 4-30, so you will need to leave extra time to get to the shoot and follow any diversions that are given.

The Golden Arrow – Sat 10th June at Sherwood Archers

Please find enclosed the entry form for the Golden Arrow competition.  It is due to be held on Saturday 10th June at Southwell, hosted by Sherwood Archers on behalf of the county association.

I am writing to ask you to help promote this shoot and encourage more of your archers to participate.  It is short, both in distance (60 yards)  and duration (six dozen arrows).  Further you don’t have to get up early to shoot (2 pm  sighters).  So it is ideal for most club archers.  And, as it precedes the second county league the following day your archers can get a bit of practice in and really get their sight mark nailed for the first distance on Sunday!  Entries so far this year have been disappointingly low so it would be great if you could encourage a few more archers to shoot.



Many thanks,

Mike T,

Sec, NAS.